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Slovak President complains NATO lacks air defense because of Ukraine

Slovak President complains NATO lacks air defense because of Ukraine Photo: Peter Pellegrini, President of Slovakia (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Slovakia is concerned that there will be a lack of air defense systems in NATO because of the transfer of such systems to Ukraine, according to Slovak President Peter Pellegrini.

"A few more units of air defense for Ukraine means there will be a lack of them for NATO countries, and Slovakia, most likely, will remain without effective air space protection," Pellegrini said.

According to him, it is crucial for Slovakia that NATO's eastern flank air defense is strengthened.

During the NATO summit, the Slovak President plans to present a report on the capabilities of the defense industries of the US and Europe regarding the protection of the Alliance's eastern flank with air defense.

Pellegrini also confirmed Slovakia's participation in NATO's plans to allocate 40 billion euros annually for military aid to Ukraine. This will be included in the country's defense expenditures.

Air defense systems for Ukraine

It is worth noting that Western countries help Ukraine in defending its skies against Russian missiles and drones by providing air defense systems. Specifically, Ukrainian defenders receive Patriot missile systems capable of ballistic missile interception.

During the NATO summit, US President Joe Biden announced that Ukraine would receive four additional Patriot batteries from the US, Germany, the Netherlands, and Romania.