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Situation in Avdiivka: Enemy forces sufficient, main focus on Lastochkyne, commander

Situation in Avdiivka: Enemy forces sufficient, main focus on Lastochkyne, commander Illustrative photo: Avdiivka (Getty Images)

The Russian army near Avdiivka has sufficient forces to continue its offensive further and occupy the territories of Ukraine, according to the deputy commander of the Third Separate Assault Brigade Maksym Zhorin.

He notes that currently the Third Assault Brigade, together with other units, has occupied the designated defense lines around Avdiivka. However, the intensity of the fighting is still very high, although "not as fierce as it was in Avdiivka itself".

At the same time, the main direction for Russians today is Lastochkyne, added Zhorin.

"We clearly realize that the Russians have enough forces in the city itself for a further offensive," Zhorin wrote.

Capture of Avdiivka

On February 17, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi announced the decision to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Avdiyivka, which was under threat of being surrounded by the enemy. The cause was the concerted assault by significantly superior enemy forces in the densely built-up areas of the city, with active air support.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Defense Forces will be able to create new defensive lines near Avdiivka and stop the further advance of the enemy.

On February 18, the Russians tried to storm the village of Lastochkyne to the west of Avdiivka, but the Defense Forces repelled 14 enemy attacks.

Military expert Oleksii Hetman believes that the collapse of the Avdiivka front is unlikely. At the same time, the Deep State map indicates some success of the enemy towards Lastochkino west of Avdiyivka.

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