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Shelling of Kherson and Road of Life: Situation in south

Shelling of Kherson and Road of Life: Situation in south The Russian army continues to shell in the Kherson region (photo: Getty Images)

Shelling in the Kherson region continues, with recent reports of explosions. Russians are actively using drones against the civilian population, states Yurii Sobolevskyi, deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council.

"As of yesterday, one person was killed and three were injured in the Kherson region, but the information will be clarified as shelling also occurred at night," the official said.

Currently, Kherson faces a greater threat of artillery and mortar shelling. However, there are populated areas where the enemy actively uses FPV drones against gatherings of people and civilian transport.

"There are also certain areas, so-called life roads, where both military and civilian vehicles try to pass as quickly as possible, as the enemy uses a large number of drones, including against civilians," emphasized Sobolevskyi.

In Zaporizhzhia, the number of casualties from the Russian strike has increased. Thus, the number of wounded has increased to 29 people, two of whom are children. It was also previously reported about 3 fatalities.

Additionally, according to ISW data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to hold positions in the Kherson region. Russian forces have advanced near Kreminna, west of Avdiivka, southwest of Donetsk, and near the Donetsk-Zaporizhzhia region border.