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Shelling of Kherson and region on December 16: Three people injured

Shelling of Kherson and region on December 16: Three people injured Photo: the occupiers attacked Kherson at night, there are casualties (Getty Images)

Russian occupiers shelled Kherson and the surrounding area overnight on December 16. As a result of the enemy attacks, three individuals were injured, according to Olexander Prokudin, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, on Telegram.

In Kherson, a 55-year-old man suffered injuries to his limbs due to Russian strikes, while a 51-year-old resident sustained a shrapnel head injury. Additionally, there were impacts near an infrastructure facility in Kherson, causing damage to buildings.

Village Stepanivka in the Kherson region came under enemy fire, with hits near a medical facility resulting in injuries to a doctor. The settlement of Daryivka was also targeted with Shahed UAVs, fortunately without casualties.

The situation in Kherson and the region

It's worth noting that in the fall of last year, Ukrainian defenders successfully conducted a counteroffensive in the southern part of our country. The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to liberate the right-bank part of the Kherson region from occupying forces. Notably, Kherson, an administrative centre of Kherson Oblast, returned under Ukrainian control. It was the only regional center occupied by the Russians in February-March 2022.

The occupation of Kherson and the right-bank part of the region lasted for eight months. Currently, Russian forces continue to daily shell the de-occupied territories.

On December 14, occupiers targeted the central part of the city, resulting in casualties.