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Sharp shortage of Patriot missiles reported in world

Sharp shortage of Patriot missiles reported in world There is a sharp shortage of Patriot missiles in the world (photo: Getty Images)

There is a sharp shortage of Patriot launchers and missiles worldwide. The highest demand for air defense systems is from Ukraine and Israel, according to NZZ.

The shortage is caused by the frequent use of these air defense systems in Ukraine and Israel. Additionally, many European countries want to replenish their arsenals despite modest production volumes. Finally, the US military is developing a maritime version of the Patriot system, which would be integrated into the Aegis command and control system to protect American ships in the event of a conflict around Taiwan.

Since the introduction of the Patriot system in 1984, the missiles have been constantly improved. Currently, there are two main types of ammunition in production: the PAC-3 MSE for combating medium-range ballistic missiles, and the older PAC-2 GEM-T, which is mainly used against aircraft and cruise missiles.

Modern PAC-3 missiles are exclusively produced by Lockheed Martin in Camden, Arkansas. In recent years, their annual production has increased from 350 to 500 units, and it is expected to reach 650 units by 2027. To meet this demand, Lockheed has opened a new factory and plans further investments.

Additionally, older PAC-2 missiles are also produced in the US by defense company Raytheon, with an annual output of 240 units. By 2027, this is expected to increase to 420 units. Furthermore, their production is currently being established in Europe.

What preceded this

Earlier, it was reported that Germany had initiated efforts to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. Recently, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius asked his Swiss counterpart, Viola Amherd, to supply Kyiv with Patriot systems.

Additionally, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated that Romania is open to discussing the deployment of Patriot missile systems to Ukraine. Previously, Germany had agreed to transfer an additional Patriot system to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba suggested that the US would also transfer one Patriot system to Ukraine.