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Shahed attack: Explosions in Odesa and Mykolaiv region, air defense working

Shahed attack: Explosions in Odesa and Mykolaiv region, air defense working Shahed attack on Odesa and Mykolaiv region (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

In the evening of March 9, explosions occurred in Odesa and Snihurivka, Mykolaiv region, during an air raid alert due to an enemy attack using Shahed kamikaze drones.

It is noted that "active work of air defense began in Odesa," after which it became known about explosions that were heard in the city.

Earlier, the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Russian occupiers had launched several groups of Shaheds in the direction of the city. In particular, the defenders of the sky in a message of 22:56 spoke of a new group of Shaheds flying from the Black Sea in the direction of Odesa region.

Local authorities called on residents of the city and the region to stay in shelters and observe the rules of information silence.

In addition, the military later warned of the movement of enemy attack drones in the direction of Mykolaiv region.

"Shaheds from the Black Sea are approaching Odesa! Shaheds in Mykolaiv region are moving towards Kirovohrad region... A new group of Shaheds from the south is heading to Mykolaiv region!" the Air Force warned.

The head of the Snihurivka military administration said that explosions were heard.

"Please stay away from windows, stay in a safe place until the alarm goes off, and follow the two-wall rule. Please do not ignore the alarms!" - he said in his post.

He added that information about possible damage or casualties is being clarified.

Russia's evening air attack on Ukraine

Earlier it was reported that on March 9, in the evening, an air alert was declared in several regions of Ukraine due to the launch of kamikaze drones by Russian invaders.

Initially, the alarms were heard in the southern regions, but later the alert was extended to the central and eastern regions - in the latter due to the threat of ballistic missiles.