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Scientists claim having 20-minute dialogue with whale

Scientists claim having 20-minute dialogue with whale Scientists successfully communicated with a whale in its language (Photo: Freepik)

Scientists from the University of California, Davis, the SETI Institute, and the Alaska Whale Foundation have announced a successful 20-minute "dialogue" with a female humpback whale named Twain. When researchers played recordings of whale songs, she responded with similar sounds to almost every tune, writes PeerJ.

Researchers recorded sounds emitted by a group of nine whales, including Twain, and identified one sound believed to be used by mothers to call their calves. When Twain was left alone, this sound was played through underwater speakers, and she began responding with the same cry. Interestingly, when researchers adjusted the interval between cries, Twain adapted. Even when the researchers' vessel stopped broadcasting the sound, Twain continued trying to communicate and only resumed her usual activities later.

While the study presents only one case, the authors note that this is the first example of sustained interspecies communication where a whale demonstrated a consistent interest in conversation. Perhaps, this could serve as a starting point for future attempts to interact with intelligent species, both on Earth and beyond.

This experience may prove valuable, assuming other advanced civilizations show interest and respond to our messages or attempt to establish contact themselves.

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