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Sagging neck skin lifting without surgery: Doctor's advice

Sagging neck skin lifting without surgery: Doctor's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

There are several different reasons why your neck skin may start to sag, with aging and gravity topping the list.

Below are some tips on how to lift neck skin without surgery, according to Express.

Why skin sags

As you age, your skin loses elasticity and collagen - substances that keep it supple and youthful. Additionally, over time, the force of gravity pulls your skin, causing it to sag.

However, it is possible to tighten and lift the skin in this area. Furthermore, Dr. Sarah Tonks, a cosmetic physician, has introduced a non-surgical procedure that can do this immediately.

What to do

If you're looking for a more accessible option, skin cancer treatment specialists say that regular physical exercises are actually one of the best ways to tighten neck skin.

Physical movements help build neck muscles, which help support the skin and prevent sagging. There are several specific exercises you can do to target neck muscles, one option being facial yoga.

Facial yoga utilizes specific facial muscles to tone and lift the skin.

Лікар розповів, як підтягнути обвислу шкіру на шиї без операції

How to lift neck skin (screenshot)

Some of them are very easy to incorporate into your daily routine, such as Double Chin Lift with Tongue. This exercise helps reduce neck sagging and tone the muscles in this area.

The facial yoga app Luvly explains you need to drop your shoulders, while holding your back and neck high, and move your gaze upwards towards the ceiling. Then, you lift your head up, following your gaze. Stick your tongue out and point it upwards and hold for five seconds. Then, you move your tongue to the right and hold for another five seconds. After repeating this on the left side, you can come out of the pose.