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Russians drop aerial bomb on Kurakhove: Many wounded

Russians drop aerial bomb on Kurakhove: Many wounded Russians drop aerial bomb on Kurakhove (photo:

In the afternoon, Russians dropped an air bomb on the center of Kurakhove in the Donetsk region. The air strike injured 16 people, reports the head of the Donetsk military administration Vadym Filashkin.

"Kurakhove came under fire this afternoon - the enemy hit the very center of the city, damaging at least 15 high-rise buildings. According to preliminary information, the Russians used a guided aerial bomb," the head of the military administration said on his Telegram channel.

As of 4 pm, there are 16 wounded, two of whom are in serious condition. All the wounded, according to Filashkin, are in hospital and are receiving all the necessary medical care.

"Local authorities, police, and rescuers are working at the scene," he added.

Russians drop the aerial bomb on Kurakhove (photo:

Shelling of the Donetsk region

Russians are not giving up their attempts to seize the territory of the Donetsk region and continue to terrorize civilians.

At night, the occupiers fired four S-300 missiles at Myrnohrad. As a result, three locals were injured. In the morning, the enemy attacked Pokrovsk. There are three wounded there.

A few days earlier, Kostiantynivka came under enemy fire. The occupants attacked a police station and a hospital there.