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Russians complain about drone attack in Voronezh

Russians complain about drone attack in Voronezh Russians complain about drone attack in Voronezh (photo: Getty Images)

In the Voronezh region (Russian Federation), local media reported in the evening of March 18 about the operation of air defense forces and means allegedly due to a drone attack, according to Russian media.

According to a source, air defense systems are operational in the city.

The Russian Ministry of Civil Defense Affairs stated that there are no preliminary departures of firefighting and rescue units.

On the night of March 14, Russia claimed to have repelled drone attacks in two regions, Belgorod and Kursk.

In the morning, the aggressor country's defense department announced a new incident of repelling an air attack. The report includes the standard phrase about halting an attempt to carry out strikes using over twenty drones targeting unspecified objects in Russian territory. Naturally, in this raid, the Russian ministry accuses Ukraine.

The statement emphasizes the interception and destruction of 25 drones. According to the statement, 14 were shot down over the Belgorod region, and another 11 over the Kursk region.

Additionally, on March 6, Russia complained about drone attacks in three regions. An airfield, a warehouse, and an oil depot were targeted. For example, at 13:00, an explosion was reported near the oil storage facility near Voronezh. According to Russian media, civilian structures were not damaged. Overnight and in the morning over the Voronezh region, it was claimed that three drones were shot down by the occupiers.