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Russians attacked Ukrainian volunteers in Prague

Russians attacked Ukrainian volunteers in Prague Photo: Ukrainian volunteers were beaten in the Czech Republic (Getty Images)

A group of Russians attacked Ukrainian volunteers in the center of Prague, according to a representative of the volunteer organization Prague Maidan on X.

According to her, the incident occurred at the Old Town Square in the center of Prague. Ukrainian volunteers gather there every Saturday, and their activities are official.

A group of Russians attacked the volunteers, and as evidence, the organization's representative showed a photo of a bloodied hand.

In the published videos, it is possible to see a Russian woman smashing a phone belonging to one of the Ukrainians. Additionally, she and other Russians struck the volunteers with their hands and feet. The altercation was accompanied by profanity directed towards the Ukrainians and Czechs.

Recently, in the capital of Hungary, a 48-year-old Ukrainian man was attacked. He was stabbed and subsequently died from his injuries.

Similarly, in Germany, a Russian man attacked two Ukrainian men in a shopping center. One victim died at the scene, and the other passed away in the hospital. It later became known that the men were military personnel.