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Russian troops launch Shaheds again: Alert in Ukraine

Russian troops launch Shaheds again: Alert in Ukraine Russian troops launch Shaheds again (photo: Getty Images)

The Russian invaders launched Shahed-type attack drones into Ukraine late in the evening on April 7 for another air attack, reports the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Enemy kamikaze drones were spotted in southern Ukraine after 23:00.

"The threat of attack UAVs from the south," the military informed.

An air alert was declared in Kherson region.

"At present, a group of Shaheds is observed in the Kherson region, moving in the northwestern direction," the Air Force command said in a statement.

Later, the alarm was also raised in Mykolaiv region.

"Attention! Mykolaiv region, attack UAVs are moving in your direction from Kherson region," the military reported.

Later, the alert spread to Zaporizhzhia region.

In addition, the threat of enemy Shaheds has been recorded in the north of the country.

Russian troops launch Shaheds again: Alert in UkraineAir alerts map of Ukraine

Shahed attack on Ukraine on April 7

On the night of April 7, the Russian occupiers once again launched Shahed drones and missiles at Ukraine. An air alert was declared in a number of regions. The movement of enemy kamikaze drones was detected, in particular, in the direction of Kharkiv region. There were reports of explosions in Kharkiv. Later it became known that one of the Russian drones hit a private house in Kharkiv, causing a fire. Three people were injured.

In addition, the occupiers hit the port infrastructure in Odesa with an Iskander-M missile. A woman was injured. Russian troops also attacked Dnipro region with drones.

In total, the occupiers fired a Kh-31 guided missile from the occupied Luhansk region, an Iskander-M ballistic missile from Crimea, and 17 Shaheds from Cape Chauda (Crimea). Ukrainian air defense shot down all the drones.