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Russian ship Kommuna damaged in Crimea: Navy details on vessel's mission

Russian ship Kommuna damaged in Crimea: Navy details on vessel's mission Spokesperson for Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk (

Russian salvage ship Kommuna, recently hit by Ukraine's Defense Forces, was unique and had been previously used to search for necessary elements at the site of the destroyed cruiser Moskva, says a spokesperson for Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk.

As Pletenchuk explained, the vessel had the necessary equipment and underwater drones on board. They used Kommuna to search for elements of interest to Russia's leadership at the site of the cruiser Moskva loss. The ship's latest mission was to cover its combat "comrades" with its own hull in the harbor.

Change of Black Sea Fleet commander

Commenting on the change in command of the Black Sea Fleet, Pletenchuk says that all of them are from "one school." But the enemy has partially changed tactics by strengthening the air component and patrolling the coastal zone with drones and helicopters.

"But this tactic has remained with them. Overall, they continue to seek a way out of this situation when they are forced to defend," Pletenchuk explained.

He adds that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet remain at their bases, while the enemy tries to strengthen surveillance in the waters to protect the remnants of their ships.

"The biggest threat to Ukraine remains the carriers of cruise missiles, maritime platforms capable of launching them. Among them are submarines, of which there are currently three units. And these objects are more difficult to hit. But any submarine still operates from its base in the surface position," Pletenchuk concluded.

Kommuna damaged

Yesterday morning Sevastopol started with explosions. The occupying administration reported the repulsion of an attack on Russia's ship but reports online mentioned a hit. Crimean Wind reported a likely strike on the Kommuna ship, which the Navy later confirmed.

The ship Kommuna is the oldest vessel in the arsenal of Russian Naval Forces. It was launched in 1913.