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Russian shelling of civilian infrastructure in Odesa region: Footage of aftermath revealed

Russian shelling of civilian infrastructure in Odesa region: Footage of aftermath revealed Photo: an explosion rang out during the alarm in the Odesa region, the Russians hit civilian infrastructure ( Serhiy Kruk)

During an air raid alarm in Odesa, an explosion occurred. The Russians struck the region's civilian infrastructure related to rest and recreation, according to Dmytro Pletenchuk, head of the Southern Defense Forces Strategic Communications Center.

What preceded

An air alarm was declared in the territory of the Odesa region at 04:57 p.m. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned of a ballistic threat from the temporarily occupied Crimea. Later, they reported a fast-moving target in the direction of the Odesa region.

Around 05:00 p.m., an explosion was heard in Odesa. The air alarm was canceled at 05:28 p.m.

Strike on civilian infrastructure

Pletenchuk reported that during the alarm, Russian forces struck civilian infrastructure in the Odesa region associated with rest and recreation. There were no casualties.

According to the Odesa Regional Prosecutor's Office, the enemy targeted tourist infrastructure objects in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district.

Currently, the site of the strike is being inspected, and a full list of damages and destruction is being determined.

Under the procedural guidance of prosecutors from the Odesa Regional Prosecutor's Office, a pre-trial investigation has been launched into the violation of laws and customs of war (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

В Одеській області лунав вибух, росіяни вдарили по цивільній інфраструктурі

Photo: aftermath of the strike on a resort village in the Odesa region (

Shelling of resorts

In the early hours of June 3, the Russian forces shelled the Kharkiv region. It later emerged that Russia targeted a resort in the village of Dachne in the Chuhuiv district of the Kharkiv region. As a result of the shelling, a 45-year-old man was killed. Additionally, a 35-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man were injured.

In May, the enemy shelled a cemetery in the Kharkiv region and a resort in the village of Cherkaska Lozova. Furthermore, the Russian army launched a second strike after medics and rescuers arrived at the scene.