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Russian plane violated Swedish airspace

Russian plane violated Swedish airspace Photo: Russian plane violated Swedish airspace (Getty Images)

A Russian aircraft violated Swedish airspace on Friday, June 14. It was intercepted by Swedish Gripen fighter jets, according to the Swedish Armed Forces on X.

"Russian fighter jet violated Swedish airspace - repelled by JAS 39 Gripen," the report states.

A spokesperson for the Swedish Armed Forces told local media that Swedish military personnel attempted to contact the Russian aircraft but received no response.

It should be noted that Sweden is a NATO member. In March 2024, the country joined the Alliance, officially becoming its 32nd member.

According to NATO's Charter, members of the military alliance agree that if one of them is attacked, the other countries must help defend it. This is not the first such incident. Recently, the Finnish Ministry of Defense reported a violation of their airspace by Russian military aircraft.

This occurred in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. The Russian aircraft entered Finnish airspace for two minutes and flew approximately 2.5 kilometers into the country.