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Russian occupation triggers global crisis in Ukrainian territories

Russian occupation triggers global crisis in Ukrainian territories Occupiers caused a global crisis in the occupied territory of Ukraine (Photo: GettyImages)
Author: Daria Shekina

The socio-political and socio-economic crisis is observed in the eastern temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

"The main problem of all occupied regions is security, since the Russian occupying forces are constantly shelling most of the population centers controlled by them. The worst state of affairs was recorded in the Novotroitsk district," the material says.

Additionally, all occupied territories experience a high level of unemployment, a shortage of medical supplies, lack of access to primary medical care, and goods for minors.

"In addition, there are constant interruptions in the supply of electricity and natural gas," stated in the report.

Moreover, due to a low level of collaboration among the local population, there's a lack of sufficient skilled personnel within the occupation administration.

"As a result, the enemy has no chance to reduce the level of socio-economic tension, since the Russian occupying power has no goal in stabilizing the situation in the occupied region," summarized by the NRC.

Crisis in occupied territories

It's worth noting that a humanitarian crisis is worsening in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. There remains a shortage of medicines and medical personnel. Russians are not issuing medicines to people; instead, they are simply sending them home to die.

Additionally, in December, it was reported that occupiers still haven't restored heating in some surviving buildings in Mariupol. Residents are forced to endure the cold in freezing weather.

Moreover, Russians continue to disregard international law. Due to a lack of space to treat a large number of wounded occupiers, the aggressors continue to set up military hospitals on civilian premises.