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Russian media claims attack on Tver region plant producing aviation fuel

Russian media claims attack on Tver region plant producing aviation fuel Illustrative photo (Russian media)

Russians claim that a plant producing aviation fuel was attacked in the Tver region, namely the Redkino Experimental Plant, reports the Russian Telegram channel Astra.

According to Russian media, the plant was allegedly attacked by four kamikaze drones on the night of June 27.

The pipeline, roof, and building of one of the workshops were damaged. There were allegedly no injuries, and employees were evacuated.

What is known about this plant

The Redkino Experimental Plant is located about 40 kilometers from Tver. It is known from open sources that it produces chemicals and additives that are used in the military industry, among other things. The plant also produces aviation fuel.

The company did not report the attack. The authorities of the Tver region said that the drones allegedly attacked the Konakovo municipal district, which includes the village of Redkino.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that on the night of June 27, drones were shot down over three regions of Russia. Shoigu says that four drones were shot down over the Tver region, two over the Moscow region, and one over the Belgorod region.

Attacks on factories in Russia

Ukrainian special services have already carried out dozens of attacks on Russian factories. Ukrainian drones target facilities used for military purposes. Oil depots and refineries are often targeted.

On June 17, facilities in three regions of Russia were attacked. According to RBC-Ukraine's sources, one of the targets was the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant and a local tractor plant.