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Russian inaction indicates Kremlin's falsehood about Il-76 case, Center for Strategic Communication

Russian inaction indicates Kremlin's falsehood about Il-76 case, Center for Strategic Communication Photo: Kremlin's falsehood regarding the Il-76 plane crash near Belgorod (Russian media)

The Kremlin's inaction in the case of the Il-76 indicates another major falsehood. This is evidenced by Russia's unwillingness to release the bodies of the deceased and the complete absence of evidence to support its claims, says the Center for Strategic Communications

"Representative of the Defense Intelligence Andrii Yusov stated that Russia has not shown readiness to transfer the bodies of the prisoners of war who were allegedly on board the Il-76 that crashed on January 24 in the Belgorod region," the report says.

The Center notes that despite loud statements, the Russian side has yet to provide any evidence of the presence of Ukrainian prisoners on board.

"The refusal of the Russian side to hand over the bodies of the deceased Ukrainians raises doubts about the truthfulness of Moscow's statements," emphasized the Center.

The statement also highlights that Ukraine is insisting on an international investigation into the circumstances of the Il-76 plane crash in the Belgorod region and the fate of the prisoners listed by Russia.

"If the Russian military transport aircraft did carry prisoners, then Russia once again cynically used them as a human shield, which is a gross violation of international law," stated the release.

The Center for Strategic Communications informed that despite all obstacles, the Ukrainian side continues its efforts to extend the exchange process with Russia.

Crash of the Russian Il-76 aircraft

The Russian military transport plane crash occurred on January 24 in the Korocha district of the Belgorod region. According to sources of RBC-Ukraine, the aircraft was carrying missiles for the S-300 air defense system. At the same time, Russia claims that there were 65 prisoners, 6 crew members, and 3 escorts on board.

Later, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine confirmed that a military prisoner exchange was supposed to take place on January 24.

According to Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, there is no evidence indicating that dozens of people were on board the Il-76, as claimed by Russia.

According to the representative of Defense Intelligence, Andrii Yusov, Putin is deceiving when he says that the air defense never shot down Russian planes.