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Russian advance slows on Kupiansk front: What's the reason

Russian advance slows on Kupiansk front: What's the reason Photo: Occupiers are regrouping in the Kupiansk direction (Getty Images)

The advance of the Russian army in the Kupiansk direction has slowed down. It is likely that the occupiers are regrouping, according to the head of the press service of the Eastern Military Group Illia Yevlash.

"First of all, this is connected to the fact that they received a serious blow near Novoiehorivka. And secondly, I believe this is due to the formations of their units. They are regrouping after taking a beating from the Ukrainian Armed Forces," he said.

The spokesperson notes that Ukrainian defenders are preparing for various scenarios, and intelligence is constantly working to uncover the enemy's plans.


In recent months, Russian occupiers have intensified their offensive in the Kupiansk and Lyman directions. According to the latest reports from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the invaders have not abandoned their intentions to break through Ukrainian defenses.

UK intelligence suggests that against the backdrop of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' success in the south, Russian occupiers may intensify their advance in the Kupiansk-Lyman direction over the next two months. According to intelligence data, the Russians are redeploying the 25th Army to the Luhansk region.

The Defense Forces note that the occupiers have concentrated in the Novoiehorivka area of the Luhansk region because they want to create a so-called "corridor." Yevlash states that the occupiers are forming a strike force, but they currently lack the necessary equipment.