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Russia won't stop if it wins war in Ukraine - US Ambassador to Britain

Russia won't stop if it wins war in Ukraine - US Ambassador to Britain US Ambassador to the UK Jane Hartley (
Author: Maria Kholina

US Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jane Hartley, warns that Russia will not stop if it wins the war in Ukraine, according to Sky News.

At the same time, the ambassador is "optimistic" that the US will allocate more funds to Ukraine, but "anyone who thinks Russia will stop after this, I think, is mistaken."

"I was ambassador [to France and Monaco] in 2014, and I saw what happened in Crimea. I don't know why anybody would say, 'oh this is it for Russia'. Democracy, I think, is at stake. So we need to support Ukraine," she said.

Hartley added that "these are difficult days," after being asked if she does not feel an atmosphere "almost comparable" to that which was last seen before the Second World War.

"We want to do everything we can to make sure Ukraine is still a strong democracy and that Russia loses this war," the ambassador said.

US aid to Ukraine

It was previously reported that the US Congress has been unable to provide new funding assistance to Ukraine for several months.

The bill for $60 billion for military and financial assistance to our country recently passed the Senate. But the House of Representatives refuses to consider it.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson promised that the issue of assistance to Ukraine in Congress will be addressed immediately after the vote on the budget.

Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Michael McCaul, said that the vote on assistance for Ukraine will take place after Easter, which is at the end of March.