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Russia wants to teach Ukrainian children history of their 'native' land. Ombudsman urges world to react

Russia wants to teach Ukrainian children history of their 'native' land. Ombudsman urges world to react Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets (photo: Getty Images)

Starting in September, schoolchildren in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region are to study local history using a textbook developed on the personal instructions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, reports the ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

“Starting in September, students of grades 5-7 in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region will be studying with an updated textbook on the history of their ‘native’ land. On Putin's personal order, a course of regional history in three volumes was developed for schoolchildren to accelerate the immersion of children in the distorted paradigm of pro-Russian social, cultural, and historical memory,” noted Lubinets.

According to him, another rewriting of historical facts about the formation of the territory of the temporarily occupied Luhansk region, the referendum, the prerequisites for the region's “free accession” to the Russian Federation, and the “special military operation” as a rescue mission is underway.

Thus, Lubinets noted, according to Russian media reports, “to educate the younger generation” in 2023 alone, 110 libraries in the Kherson region will be equipped with “proper” books worth 50 million rubles (22.7 million hryvnias).

“Through total indoctrination, forced assimilation, identity change, brainwashing, and control, Russia is pursuing a policy of genocide against Ukrainians. I call on the international community to pay attention to the total violations of children's rights that Russia commits on a daily basis in the TOT. Ukrainian children need more than condemnation. They are waiting for firm decisions and effective steps from those who can influence the Russian regime!” Lubinets emphasized.

Earlier, Lubinets said that in the occupied territories, Russians select school graduates to study at military universities.