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Russia waging new hybrid war against Georgia - President Zurabishvili

Russia waging new hybrid war against Georgia - President Zurabishvili Georgia's President Salome Zourabichvili (Photo: Getty Images)

Despite failure or because of it, Russia has launched a new hybrid war against Georgia, using all forms and weapons, stated the President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili.

According to her, Russia continues to wage a hybrid war against Georgia, using all its tools. Speaking about the challenges facing Georgia in 2023, the President of Georgia recalled the war in Ukraine.

"Russia could not break Ukraine, indeed, it failed to undermine the unity and solidarity of Europe and even strengthened it. Despite failure or because of it, Russia has started a new hybrid war (war without war) against Georgia, for which it uses all forms and weapons," Zourabichvili said.

She also emphasized that Russia's plan to turn the Ochamchira port into a military base aims to shift the confrontation to the Black Sea, into their territorial waters, thereby creating a threat to the strategic perspective of the Black Sea.

Russia intensifies the annexation of occupied territories

Zourabichvili spoke about the declaration of mobilization in the occupied territories, as well as the steps taken towards annexation, mentioning the capture of the Ochamchira port, the state residence in Bitcivinti, and the Babushera airport in Sukhumi.

According to her, constant intimidation, persecution, kidnapping, and killing of residents continue along the occupation line.

Relations between Georgia and Russia

The official authorities of Georgia consider Abkhazia and South Ossetia as territories occupied by Russia.

Earlier, the head of the occupation administration of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, claimed to have reached an agreement with Russia to establish a base on the region's territory, where the Black Sea Fleet will be stationed.

However, the Parliament of Georgia decided not to consider a resolution condemning the plans of the Russians to build a base for the Black Sea Fleet in occupied Abkhazia.

Also, in Georgia, there was an attempt to justify the non-adoption of EU sanctions against Russia.