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Russia starts using new Kh-69 cruise missiles to strike Ukraine

Russia starts using new Kh-69 cruise missiles to strike Ukraine Russian Kh-69 missile (photo: Russian media)

During the recent massive missile attack on Ukrainian infrastructure, the Russian military used the latest Kh-69 cruise missiles.

The Kh-69 missile has long been under development, but the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war has heightened the need for precision long-range weapons, and the development and production process has apparently been accelerated.

In February last year, the International Institute for Strategic Studies said that the Kh-69 was "likely now in the final stages of development or entering production."

Recently, the Ukrainian Telegram channel "Polkovnyk GSh" posted a photo of a fragment of a Kh-69 missile that was shot down during a massive missile attack on February 7.

The use of three missiles of this type was also reported by the Ukrainian air threat monitoring resource.

On the same day, the Russians also used another new weapon to strike Kyiv, the Zircon anti-ship missile.

Shelling on February 7

The media reported that Russia could have used the ZM22 Zirkon anti-ship hypersonic missile during the missile attack on Kyiv on the morning of February 7.

Pictures of the wreckage posted on social media indicate that the said missile was used. In particular, one of the photos shows the marking "3M22" on the wreckage.

This inscription corresponds to the marking of this particular missile, which, along with the Russian Kh-47 Kinzhal, is also called Putin's so-called "Wunderwaffe."

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