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Russia's chances to remain second army in world in case of defeat, expert's insight

Russia's chances to remain second army in world in case of defeat, expert's insight Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Despite significant losses in the war in Ukraine, the Russian Federation continues to rank as the world's "second army." However, these rankings are based on the ability to carry out strikes, meaning Russia will consistently hold the second position, states a military and political expert of the Information Resistance Group, Oleksandr Kovalenko,

According to the Global Firepower Index, Russia remains the "second army" in the world. This index takes into account overall military strength, although it is not endorsed by scientists or the authorities of any country in the world.

"I really love these rankings; they are phenomenal. The thing is, when Russia suffers defeat in a war against Ukraine, when it is completely defeated, it will still remain the 'second-largest army' in these rankings. Because it has nuclear weapons. Rankings are based on the ability to deliver strikes. And as long as Russia has more nuclear weapons than China, it will always be second," says Oleksandr Kovalenko.

The reality is quite different.

"Of course, militarization has increased significantly in two years, but at the same time, the degradation of technical and technological capabilities is much greater. At best, this army is in the top 10 even without a nuclear component," he explains in a conversation with RBC-Ukraine.

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