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Russia recruited 2,000 Nepalis for war against Ukraine

Russia recruited 2,000 Nepalis for war against Ukraine Russia recruited 2,000 Nepalis to fight against Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

About 2,000 Nepali men have been recruited by Russia to participate in the war against Ukraine. Many of them are now attempting to return home due to intolerable conditions within the ranks of the occupiers, according to SkyNews.

"The figure of 2,000 men recruited into the Russian army is based on the testimony of returning soldiers, as well as Russian immigration data," the report says.

This data has also been cross-referenced with estimates provided by campaigners supporting the families of those who are still serving or have died.

In particular, many Nepalis individuals report being provided with student or tourist visas to enter Russia.

Currently, the Nepali government is concerned about the critical situation and is taking appropriate measures.

Nepal demands repatriation of soldiers

As reported, for Nepalese citizens to fight on behalf of foreign armed forces, including the Russians, is illegal.

"But in January this year, the government banned its citizens from travelling to Russia or Ukraine for work and has asked Moscow to repatriate all Nepalis who were recruited," the news says.

Superintendent Nawaraj Adhikari told Sky News the police are cracking down on agents - the men who help sort the documents required to cross into Russia and illegally fight its war.

"Police have already arrested 22 suspects. It's a big, serious problem," he said.

Mercenaries from Nepal in the Russian army

Nepal halted the issuance of permits for its citizens to work in Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of January. At least 10 Nepalese soldiers were killed while serving in the Russian army.

Additionally, the Center for National Resistance has reported on the recruitment of foreign mercenaries from Cuba and Nepal. Russians transport fighters to the occupied territories of Ukraine, where they undergo training under the direction of the Wagner Group.