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Russia may attack NATO from 2026, German intelligence predicts - media

Russia may attack NATO from 2026, German intelligence predicts - media Russia may attack NATO from 2026, German intelligence predicts (Getty Images)

German intelligence services have prepared an analysis of Russian military threats for the government, according to which Russia may attack NATO territory "from 2026 onwards," according to Business Insider.

According to the analysis by German intelligence services, Russia is preparing for a major conflict with the West. This is indicated by:

  • army reorganization;
  • troop movements and missile placements in western Russia;
  • increase in Russian arms production.

The boosting of arms production could lead to Russia doubling its military strength over the next five years compared to the present day.

The report states that it is "no longer possible to rule out" that Russia may launch an attack on NATO territory "from 2026 onwards," for example, in Baltic states or Finland. As noted by the media, German services have not made such statements publicly before.

Business Insider also adds that NATO headquarters shares concerns about the growing military capabilities of Russia and further confrontation, although they do not necessarily believe it will lead to war in the future.

The media also quotes assessments of American intelligence services. They believe that there is no risk of a Russian attack on NATO in the "mid-term perspective" because it would take Russia from five to eight years to rebuild its military strength to pre-Ukraine invasion levels.

NATO preparing for escalation

Earlier, the German media Bild published a scenario of military exercises in Germany, during which the German armed forces were preparing for a Russian hybrid attack on NATO's eastern flank.

NATO Military Committee Chair Admiral Rob Bauer says that the alliance requires transformation, and the West needs to be prepared for an era where anything can happen at any time, including the start of a war.

French President Emmanuel Macron has also warned of the risk of a Russian attack in the coming years. According to him, European leaders should prepare for such a scenario.