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Russia lies about Poland's plans to annex part of Ukraine - Sikorski

Russia lies about Poland's plans to annex part of Ukraine - Sikorski Photo: Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski (Getty Images)

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski has denied the Russian propaganda thesis that Warsaw intends to annex part of Ukraine's territories, according to RMF.

“Russia is lying about Poland's alleged plans to annex part of Ukraine. Donbas is Ukraine; Crimea is Ukraine. Lviv, Volyn, and former Eastern Galicia are also Ukraine. That is why I am repeating this so the Kremlin can hear it: Lviv is Ukraine,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

He emphasized that Russian leaders and propagandists want to divide Poles and Ukrainians.

He noted that Poland had joined the G7 declaration on mutual long-term commitments to Ukraine to increase the effectiveness of its actions. He emphasized that as a neighboring country, military, humanitarian, and energy center, Warsaw wants to participate in the formation of these commitments, not watch from the sidelines as others do.

The Minister noted that Polish companies have an important role to play in rebuilding Ukraine's economy and infrastructure. He emphasized that the position of the Commissioner for the Reconstruction of Ukraine had been created to support their efforts. He said that a UN Office for Project Services will also start operating in Poland soon.

He emphasized that Russia must be held accountable for the damage done to Ukraine so far. He noted that effective EU sanctions are an important tool in the fight against the aggressor.

Russian and Belarusian propaganda and, in particular, Alexander Lukashenko, have also repeatedly spoken about Poland's alleged plans to annex Ukrainian territory.

Assistance to Ukraine from Poland

In the two years since the start of Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine, Poland has demonstrated its continued support for Ukraine by providing 44 packages of military and humanitarian aid worth nearly $9 billion.

Warsaw has provided Kyiv with a wide range of military equipment, including tanks, artillery, air defense systems, and ammunition.

Poland has also provided Ukraine significant humanitarian aid, including food, medicines, medical equipment, and refugee shelters.