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Russia lacks soldiers for new military districts due to war in Ukraine - UK intelligence

Russia lacks soldiers for new military districts due to war in Ukraine - UK intelligence Russia recruits soldiers to send them to Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russia is rapidly bolstering its military presence following the establishment of the Leningrad Military District, with speculations rife that these forces could be deployed for a potential conflict with Ukraine, according to the UK Ministry of Defence.

Announcements have surfaced regarding recruitment drives for personnel into the newly formed 44th Army Corps in Luga, within the recently established Leningrad Military District.

"Russia is making efforts to expand its forces in the north-west of the country, as most of its forces remain dedicated to operations in Ukrain," the statement reads.

British intelligence suggests that Russia is likely grappling with the decision of whether to station new units, such as the 44th Army Corps, in their garrisons following their creation, or to deploy them for operations in Ukraine to bolster their combat capabilities.

"Newly established units have previously been immediately committed to Ukraine, and it is almost certain that the need to sustain operations is hampering Russia’s wider force expansion ambitions," noted the UK Ministry of Defence.

Russia's challenges in forming new forces

Previously, British intelligence had reported that Moscow's plans to establish two new armies this year would face shortages in new equipment and infrastructure issues. However, there will be an ample supply of soldiers.

The Russian Federation has swelled its occupation force in Ukraine to nearly half a million individuals. For more details on the size of the occupying forces, the combat readiness of Russian troops, and how many more Russians Vladimir Putin could mobilize, read RBC-Ukraine's report.