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Russia lacks counter-battery radars, says British Intelligence

Russia lacks counter-battery radars, says British Intelligence Russians are suffering from shortage of counter-battery radars (Getty Images)

The Russian army fighting against Ukraine is suffering from a shortage of counter-battery radars, as British Defense Intelligence reports.

After being sacked as commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army of Russia on the Zaporizhzhia direction, General Major Ivan Popov claimed that one of his main complaints was the lack of counter-battery capabilities.

"Russian ground forces survivability relies on effectively detecting Ukrainian artillery and striking against it, often with its force's own artillery. A key component of this approach is counter-battery radars, which allow commanders to rapidly locate enemy gun lines," British intelligence says.

It adds that Russia is suffering from an increasing shortage of counter-battery radars, especially modern systems like Zoopark-1M. Only a handful of the deployed Zoopark systems are likely to remain operational in Ukraine.

According to video footage from open sources, another Zoopark system was destroyed in the area of the 58th Russian army in early July 2023.

"The priority Popov apparently gave to this problem highlights the continued centrality of artillery in the war," added the intelligence.

Earlier in the spring, British intelligence reported that Ukrainian forces had destroyed most of the Russian counter-battery complexes. The aggressor country is facing difficulties in replenishing its inventory due to sanctions.