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Russia has units for brainwashing on occupied land - Ukraine intel chief

Russia has units for brainwashing on occupied land - Ukraine intel chief Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov (RBC-Ukraine, Vitalii Nosach)

There are units in Russia that ensure information isolation within the country as well as in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, according to the chief of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov.

"Russia has absolutely non-tabloid, as they say, concept, this is an official concept - 'information isolation.' Corresponding units have been created for this. They definitely exist within the Ministry of Defense system. They operate in areas of combat operations, they exist in many different branches of power," Budanov explained.

As he clarified, the main task of these units is to cut off the population from truthful information. It is possible to fight against it within territories under Ukrainian control, but it is impossible in the occupied territories.

"And it will also be a big problem after the liberation (of temporarily occupied territories - ed.). Because the brainwashing is quite serious," Budanov added.

Russian disinformation

The enemy also uses disinformation to provoke panic among the population. For example, reports of the alleged preparation of a 350,000-strong Russian army to attack Kharkiv, which does not correspond to reality.

Also, information was spread online about Russia's preparation for new attacks against Ukraine. Some media spread information that the enemy may simultaneously release 200-250 air means.

In early February, former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov warned that Russian propaganda would also use the topic of the presidential election.