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Retrograde Mercury can cause significant harm - Zodiac signs to behave careful

Retrograde Mercury can cause significant harm - Zodiac signs to behave careful Who among the zodiac signs can be harmed by Retrograde Mercury (photo:

Horoscope for most of April will tell who among the representatives of the zodiacal constellation the period of Mercury retrograde can be dangerous for. During these days, they should exercise maximum caution and protect themselves, their energy, and their money.

For whom among the zodiac signs Mercury retrograde may bring troubles, according to Spiritualify.


This period, characterized by your fiery spirit, spontaneity, and moments of impatience, requires some minor adjustments. Slow down, take a deep breath, and find calm amid the chaos. Your life is still filled with promises of joy and surprises, counteracting the tricky antics of Mercury retrograde.


Your resilience is about to be tested. You're known for your unwavering determination and preference for stability, but this period demands that you embrace change with finesse. As Mercury retrograde unfolds a series of unpredictable events, remember that flexibility can be your strength.


You're known for your mental agility and vibrant communication skills, but this period may cast a shadow of doubt, amplifying your inner monologues with the voice of anxiety. As you navigate this cosmic shake-up, postpone important decisions and stay attentive to maintain mental clarity.


Your methodical nature and pursuit of perfection face challenges during this period. However, your inherent flexibility and meticulousness are key to overcoming this storm. Let this time remind you that sometimes the most well-thought-out plans benefit from easy adaptation and readiness to tackle surprises with your innate inventiveness.


Your essence, characterized by resilience and depth, often encounters unforeseen disruptions and technological obstacles brought by Mercury retrograde. This period may breed waves of capriciousness and a storm of irritability. Use this as an opportunity to channel your intense energy into constructive outlets. Through physical activity, creativity, or delving into the depths of personal reflection, find solace in realizing that peace lies within your hands.

And we also mentioned who among the zodiac signs can expect additional income.