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Republicans ask Biden to prevent French cooperation with Rosatom - Reuters

Republicans ask Biden to prevent French cooperation with Rosatom - Reuters US President Joe Biden (Phoro: Getty Images)

Influential members of the Republican Party in the United States are urging President Joe Biden to intervene and obstruct the cooperation between a French company and Rosatom, according to Reuters.

The agency obtained a letter from Representative Michael McCaul, chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, and Senator Jim Risch, who called on Biden not to abandon sanctions against Russia. Otherwise, this would enable Electricite de France to participate in nuclear energy projects with Rosatom jointly.

Legislators stated that Electricite de France could acquire a subsidiary of an American company that, together with Rosatom, participated in nuclear energy projects in Hungary, Türkiye, and Egypt. These projects were suspended for many years due to sanctions.

Therefore, Republicans urged Biden to obstruct the French company from working on civil nuclear energy projects with the Russian state atomic company Rosatom.

This is not the first case of cooperation between Rosatom and France. Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the French company Framatome collaborates with Rosatom on nuclear fuel development.

The agency noted that this collaboration is necessary for producing fuel for reactors that supply electricity to 100 million residents of Eastern Europe.