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Recovery to take months: What mistake can damage your nails

Recovery to take months: What mistake can damage your nails Why you should not peel off nail polish (Photo: Freepik)

Often, after wearing a manicure for a long time, girls start peeling off the polish from their nails. Such actions seriously damage the nail plate, shares Huffpost.

How nails are structured

Dermatologist Dana Stern explained that the nail plate is a hard structure consisting of layers of nail cells.

The nail bed is a soft tissue structure under the nail plate, which provides a rich supply of nerves and blood. The root of the nail is called the nail matrix. It is also known as the nail formation center, which includes the partially visible crescent at the base of the nail plate.

Cuticles are located directly above the nail plate and serve as a protective layer that prevents moisture and infections from penetrating the nail block.

Why you should not peel off nail polish

It's hard to resist the urge to peel off nail polish, but this habit is one of the easiest ways to damage nails.

"I have experienced clients who think they are peeling just polish, but in fact are peeling chunks of their natural nail, leaving the nail bed exposed," the expert explained.

This can not only be painful but also make the exposed nail beds more vulnerable to environmental conditions, which can cause further damage.

When you apply nail polish, it adheres to the top layers of nail cells, which may already be brittle and prone to peeling and splitting.

When the nail polish is removed, these top layers of onychocytes can also be inadvertently removed along with the polish, leaving the nail with an uneven surface and white spots called keratin granulations.

Although keratin granulations are not inherently harmful as they indicate dehydration, treatment may require a complete break from nail polish.

Furthermore, peeling off nail polish can cause a condition called onycholysis, where the nail plate separates from the nail bed.

In addition to removing the surface layers of nail cells and causing surface irregularities, the nail plate can thin over time if picking is persistent and chronic.

This habit can lead to the nail bed becoming red and sensitive to high and low temperatures.

Does it matter what type of polish you choose

Traditional nail polish is slightly less harmful to peel off because it has less adhesion compared to gel polish.

Gel base coats are designed to bond with the keratin in natural nails and remain until properly removed with a solution. This is why gel polishes are loved for their durability.

So, if you peel off gel polish, you are tearing off pieces of your nail that are firmly bonded to the base coat.

What to do if you have peeled off nail polish

If you constantly engage in this habit, it can become a problem. Every time you peel, you are stripping layers of the nail plate.

It is important to give your nails time to recover, and this depends on the severity of the damage.

Toenails grow much slower than fingernails, and recovery may take months.

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