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Putin makes new cynical statement about war in Ukraine at G20

Putin makes new cynical statement about war in Ukraine at G20 Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (photo: Getty Images)

During his speech at the G20 summit, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin made a new cynical statement about Ukraine. He mentioned "negotiations," noting that the Kremlin "did not give up on them."

Speaking via video link at the G20 summit, the Kremlin leader could not avoid the topic of the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia. He cynically stated that it was necessary to "think about how to stop this tragedy."

"Military actions are always a tragedy for specific people, specific families, and the country as a whole. Of course, we have to think about how to stop this tragedy. By the way, Russia has never refused to hold peace talks with Ukraine," Putin said, throwing out another piece of absurdity.

In the context of the aggression against Ukraine, he also brought the war between Israel and Hamas into the context, drawing parallels with the so-called "coup" in Ukraine (as the Kremlin calls the events on the Maidan) and the "extermination of the population in Palestine."

"The war in Ukraine cannot but impress, but the coup in Ukraine and the extermination of the civilian population there and in Palestine are striking, aren't they?" - Putin added.

Ukraine is not negotiating with Russia

It is worth noting that the Kremlin authorities from time to time resort to similar statements such as "readiness to negotiate with Ukraine," but only on the terms Moscow needs.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the Ukrainian side was still trying to negotiate with the aggressor to counteract the escalation. Now, and for quite some time, there have been no peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow (except for the issue of prisoner exchange, which has also been blocked by Russia lately).

Ukraine's decision not to negotiate with the dictator was finalized after Putin announced the annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine. This happened on September 30, 2022. At the same time, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy clearly stated that the Ukrainian side refused to engage in dialogue and would only talk when a different leadership came to power in the aggressor country. In recent statements, the Ukrainian president has emphasized that the only condition for negotiations with the Kremlin is the complete liberation of the temporarily occupied territories from the enemy.