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Psychologists unravel why people repeat mistakes: Schema therapy can help

Psychologists unravel why people repeat mistakes: Schema therapy can help Why people tend to repeat their mistakes (photo: Freepik)

At times, people express frustration about consistently stumbling over the same issues. In simpler terms, they find themselves stuck in a recurring pattern of behavior, leading to the repetition of mistakes. According to the publication by the Kyivdvoryk Center for Psychology and Development on Instagram, schema therapy, conducted with a psychologist, offers a way out of this seemingly endless cycle.

Schema therapy, developed by Jeffrey Young, seamlessly integrates components from cognitive-behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and Gestalt therapy.

"It's a relatively new yet intriguing approach aimed at assisting individuals in recognizing and altering destructive patterns and ingrained beliefs that often originate in childhood, exerting influence on our adult lives," experts elucidate.

What is a schema?

A schema refers to a stable internal motive or pattern that evolves in response to unmet needs during childhood. These schemas have a profound impact on our thoughts, emotions, and actions, contributing to recurring negative scenarios in adulthood.

"In essence, these are traps that ensnare us repeatedly, often without our awareness, as these schemas have been ingrained in us since childhood and may have once served as a means of survival or maintaining mental well-being," experts further explain.

Who is the schema therapy suitable for?

Schema therapy is designed to assist individuals in breaking free from the repetitive cycle of actions and thoughts that contribute to unhappiness, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and one's needs.

"The essence of schema therapy lies in cultivating self-love, courage, and a sense of responsibility for our lives. It involves a gradual and profoundly engaging exploration of oneself with the ultimate aim of disrupting the cycle and achieving greater happiness. Importantly, the effectiveness of this method is supported by research," underscore psychologists.

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