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Psychologist shares 7 actions to take if you are not in New Year mood

Psychologist shares 7 actions to take if you are not in New Year mood What to do when you're don't have holiday mood (Photo: Freepik)

The New Year and Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and if you still don't have the right mood, there are simple ways to improve it, according to psychologist Irina Kulik.

What to do

It turns out that restoring belief in miracles is not that difficult; it's essential not to put too much pressure on oneself. To create a festive atmosphere and regain a holiday mood, the psychologist suggests taking the following actions:

  • Get a Christmas tree - any will do

  • Decorate your office or home with Christmas decorations

  • Brew your favorite tea

  • Light your favorite candles

  • Don't forget to admire the beautiful winter landscape

  • Treat yourself to something sweet

  • Play New Year's music

Gifts, festive tables, parties, and gatherings with relatives are all wonderful but undoubtedly require significant expenses. Moreover, the preparation for the New Year takes a lot of energy, leading to a loss of festive spirit.

Think about your New Year's outfit

Planning your New Year's outfit is one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing for the New Year. Don't postpone it until the last days of December; the sooner you start, the better chance you have of looking your best. Pre-New Year shopping will quickly create a sense of the approaching holiday.

Getting into the New Year spirit can also be achieved by planning a festive menu. Now is the time to look for new interesting recipes or even come up with your own.

For a festive mood, it's essential not to dwell on memories but to draw inspiration from them to create new vivid impressions.

Also, take the time to think about the gift list for friends and family. Consider what would suit each specific person: perhaps something individual and symbolic or something they have been dreaming of for a long time. Imagine how you will present the gift: place it under the tree or hand it over personally.