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Psychologist explains ways women undermine men

Psychologist explains ways women undermine men How a woman undermines a man in him (photo: Freepik)

Quite often, women do not notice how, with their own actions, behavior, and words, they undermine their husbands. And then they remain dissatisfied with how the men themselves treat them.

RBC-Ukraine tells about how a woman undermines her husband, based on exclusive information from Ukrainian psychologist Tetiana Ovcharenko.

How a woman undermines a man in him

Tetiana first of all talked about the actions on the part of a woman that can affect a man's ego, which is the start button for male achievements and influences male behavior.

"First and foremost, I think it will be the devaluation of all actions and contributions of the man. It's a lack of respect for his needs, and personal space, not seeing him as an individual, a person with his feelings, processes, and experiences. Men are also living beings who sometimes face challenges even more complex than we might think," says the psychologist.

Ovcharenko also talked about and named things to pay attention to in male behavior. And whether it is possible to notice how a man is falling apart from the inside.

"It can manifest in different ways: someone goes deep into themselves, someone into aggression (passive or open), someone into work, delays at work, that is, avoiding contact with a woman. In extremes, this can lead to alcohol and other harmful dependencies. But usually, we see that another person is not doing well, suffering, and we don't always want to admit it, let alone take responsibility and stop our toxic behavior towards our partner," she noted.

RBC-Ukraine asked the psychologist about the women with whom men become gentle and undermine their strong and self-sufficient partner in relation to a woman.

"On the one hand, gentleness is not about weakness. For me, it's about strength and sensitivity, kindness, including a man's gentle nature, which gives us a lot of warmth and care that we crave. On the other hand, there may be a different situation when a responsible and purposeful, always acting man turns into an apathetic one, unwilling to realize himself and move forward. Here the question arises: where am I going in the distortion of my manifestation? Am I becoming a mother, a man in relationships?" - explains Ovcharenko.

But Tetiana added to her answer that there are cases when fear and the I can do it all myself script start working for a woman, and she takes away from a man his part of initiative, starts competing with him for power, and in the end, she is left with a result different from what she expected.

Психолог пояснила, як жінка руйнує чоловіка в чоловікові

How a woman undermines a man in him (photo: Freepik)

"We have an influence on each other, a power that can either create or destroy. However, at the same time, everyone has a choice and the opportunity to establish boundaries: either continue to sink into the abyss of chaos (i.e., self-destruct) or do something about it. Sometimes the only way out is to end relationships where we begin to undermine ourselves and our partner," notes the psychologist.

Tetiana also talked about what women categorically should not do if they still want to see a strong and decisive man beside them:

-You cannot be uninteresting to yourself

-You cannot destroy yourself in various ways and not allow yourself to be happy both individually and in relationships. Respect for yourself is equal to respect for your partner, and vice versa.

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