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Psychologist explains how women can learn to attract men

Psychologist explains how women can learn to attract men How to learn to attract men (photo: Freepik)

Every woman is beautiful - that's a fact, but sometimes we may lack feminine energy, emotions, and the desire to be attractive to men, but there may be other reasons.

Psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko tells how to learn to attract men.

How to learn to attract men

"Despite how banal it may sound, everything starts with appearance because before a man can see the deeper facets of your personality and character, he always evaluates visually first," the psychologist noted.

"If we talk about a girl wanting more admirers, male attention, and eventually choosing a worthy man with whom she will build a marriage and serious relationship, then the first thing you can start with is appearance," Dmytro continues.

According to the psychologist, you can be extremely interesting, super deep, read a lot of books, and have an extraordinary mind. But if, for example, you don't pay much attention to your appearance, the number of men who will notice you will be lower.

"If we talk about other things, it's the ease of communication, openness, and a sense of humor. Some girls think this means taking the initiative themselves, but no. It means that when we, men, see a girl and are visually attracted to her, if we make eye contact, and she, for example, smiles at us or gives a signal of readiness to meet, it simplifies this moment for the man," the expert says.

Психолог сказав, як жінкам навчитися приваблювати чоловіків (відео)

How to learn to attract men (photo: Freepik)

"Because when we say that a man can be interesting, intelligent, experienced, and can earn well, it doesn't mean that he knows how to approach and meet people, and it comes easily to him," Dmytro continues.

The psychologist noted that many men in their lives have encountered situations where they approached and tried to meet someone, but they were somehow not very pleasantly rejected. Therefore, when a man sees a girl who can smile at him or ask a simple but open question, it simplifies the introduction.

"And the third point, when we start this acquaintance, it is important for us, men, to understand whether she is even inclined to a relationship, whether it is interesting for her, and whether it is important for her right now," the psychologist says.

Also, according to Dmytro, when a girl carefully mentions her relationship status, it gives the man an understanding of the situation, and he can express himself more.

Social media also plays a big role in dating because when a girl has many photos showing her figure, for example, in a swimsuit, it can be more off-putting than attractive to a man.

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