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Provocative TV series for joint viewing with your partner: List

Provocative TV series for joint viewing with your partner: List Candid films for couples (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

TV series with explicit scenes are quite popular because they usually keep viewers in suspense and depict passionate relationships between men and women, which are not so common in real life.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled its own list of explicit series that will make your relationship with your partner more vivid, adding passion, and is eager to share it with you.


At the center of the plot is the successful surgeon William Farrow, who has a peaceful family life and an impeccable reputation. However, his life is shattered by an affair with his son's fiancée, which evolves into a passionate romance that could forever change their lives.

El embarcadero

In Alexandra's life, everything was perfect: a successful career, parties with her friend, and her beloved husband Oscar. The usual order of things is disrupted by a call from the police station. Alexandra is informed that her husband has taken his own life. She reluctantly believes this and is even more astonished when she finds out that Oscar led a double life and had a lover.


The tumultuous sexual past of the main heroine bursts into her present life when she is already living as a wife and mother. However, her brutal ex, whom she constantly fantasizes about, shows up at her doorstep and flips her life upside down.

Olhar Indiscreto

A talented hacker-voyeur finds herself drawn into a dangerous investigation after her neighbor, a sex worker, goes away for the weekend.

Devotion, a story of love and desire

The seemingly strong marriage of the main characters in the story begins to crack when the husband's fidelity comes into question, and new temptations arise in the couple's life.


The series reveal a story of school love, which awaits the trials of adult life, full of debauchery, alcohol, parties, drugs, sexual attraction to other partners. Will Lucas and Lotta be able to keep their love alive through all the odds?