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Protein for weight loss: Expert on whether it is needed or not

Protein for weight loss: Expert on whether it is needed or not Proteing for weight loss (
Author: Maria Kholina

Protein powder is a dry substance with a high concentration of protein. Many coaches recommend it to their clients.

Ukrainian sports coach Viktor Mandziak explains more on whether it is necessary for weight loss or not.

Protein for weight loss

Viktor emphasized that when trying to lose weight, one should consume 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of desired body weight. He pointed out that if you have to choose between a piece of meat and protein, you should opt for the former.

According to him, one of the primary goals in weight loss is to trick the body, which means giving it fewer calories but in a way that it doesn't realize it.

"We have a whole arsenal of tools for this: physical activity, foods with a high satiety index, and a high protein intake in the diet," the expert said.

The longer calories spend in the oral cavity before heading to the stomach, the less food a person consumes. For instance, meat needs to be chewed for a long time, while a protein shake from a glass quickly enters the stomach and doesn't provide the same level of satiety.

"When food enters the empty and shrunken stomach, the stomach stretches, and through the vagus nerve, the brain gets the message that you have eaten and the brain can make you feel full. For how long? Until the stomach descends and is shrunken again. So, liquid food stays in the stomach for less time than solid food," Mandziak explained.

The expert summarized and mentioned that while protein is very satiating, the form in which we consume it can make it even more satiating if it's solid food and less satiating if it's a liquid cocktail.

Protein shakes are suitable for those with a weak appetite or for those looking to gain mass.

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