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Pro-Russian slogans noticed at protests in Poland again

Pro-Russian slogans noticed at protests in Poland again Pro-Russian slogans were again noticed at protests in Poland (photo: Getty Images)

Pro-Russian slogans have been spotted again at protests in Poland. Organizers claim they are not involved, according to radio station RMF24.

Today, Minister of Agriculture Czesław Siekierski and Deputy Minister Stefan Krajewski visited the protesters in Zosin. Pro-Russian slogans were noticed at their meeting.

"People are coming - I don't know from which organizations, who want to harm the agricultural community. This is not from us. Someone comes and wants to show up. Today there are all sorts of national deviations, and that's what they are doing," said Veslav Hrin from Obdurene Selo on RMF FM.

The organizers of the protest ensured that the visit of the Minister of Agriculture proceeded in a calm atmosphere, emphasizing Veslav Hrin.

"We made sure that no eggs were thrown. If you are a host, you are responsible for the guests in your house. We watched together with the police to maintain order," he assured.

Pro-Russian slogans in Poland

At the protest of Polish farmers on February 20, slogans were noticed calling on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to restore order in Ukraine and Brussels. Next to the poster was a flag of the USSR.

Later, the farmer was charged. He faces up to five years in prison.