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Prince William may reunite with brother Harry at event honoring their mother

Prince William may reunite with brother Harry at event honoring their mother Prince William with Prince Harry (photo: Getty Images)

Prince Harry and Prince William are supporting a common cause: praising the young people who have gone the extra mile in the name of their late mother, Princess Diana, according to People magazine.

Prince William and Prince Harry may reunite thanks to Princess Diana

As a sign of deep respect for their mother, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, who have not been in touch for a long time, will participate in the upcoming Diana Legacy Awards ceremony.

The event will take place exactly a week from now. William plans to attend the ceremony, where he will not only deliver a heartfelt speech in honor of the landmark anniversary of the charitable organization but also have the honor of presenting awards to 20 outstanding laureates.

However, the estranged brothers will appear separately at the event. Harry will join the ceremony via video call after William leaves the event.

The Prince of Wales, 41, is making a speech and handing out awards to young people at the event, while the Duke of Sussex, 39, will chat with those honored in a video meeting later on.

Принц Вільям може возз’єднатися з братом Гаррі завдяки заходу на честь їхньої матері

Prince William with Prince Harry (photo: Getty Images)

This year, the winners of the Legacy Awards came from around the world, including the US, Australia, Bangladesh, the Cayman Islands, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, the UAE, and the UK.

The award marks the 25th anniversary of the charitable organization. The Diana Award was founded two years after her death in a car accident in 1997.

Prince William will attend the event alone this time, as his wife Kate Middleton is recovering from abdominal surgery.

After the main event concludes, Prince Harry will engage with young people from his home in California in an online format.

Prince Harry is known to be a key part of the Legacy Awards celebrations happening this week. He plans to speak with the award winners virtually on the same evening of the awards ceremony to honor their achievements.

Last year, the brothers also participated in honoring the young changemakers selected by the Diana Award. Prince Harry attended the event and participated in a Q&A in Los Angeles, while Prince William recorded a video message.\