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Prince William makes serious statement regarding work pause

Prince William makes serious statement regarding work pause Prince William (photo: Getty Images)

Prince William made a serious statement regarding a work pause and the postponement of all matters related to the royal family, according to People magazine.

Prince William announces a work pause

Currently, the royal family relies on only a few members to fulfill duties and represent the family at various events.

With Kate Middleton and King Charles being in the hospital and now undergoing rehabilitation at home, the 42-year-old Princess of Wales made a statement regarding changes to her schedule.

At the moment, the 75-year-old King will need more time to recover privately, and as Kate is still unable to resume work, Prince William has cleared his calendar to be by his wife's side and support their family during this time.

Принц Вільям зробив гучну заяву стосовно паузи у роботі: в чому причина

Prince William announced a work pause (photo: Getty Images)

Members of the royal family are accustomed to taking a short break after hectic trips. That's why the Prince of Wales will be assisting his close ones instead of attending business meetings and representing the royal family.

For now, Queen Camilla is shouldering all the responsibilities for public engagements and is indeed quite active in fulfilling her duties. The exact duration needed for the princess and the king to recover is currently unknown. However, William is taking a short break, and he will soon return to his direct duties.