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Prevent food sticking with simple pan hack

Prevent food sticking with simple pan hack Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Sometimes food can stick to the skillet and burn over time. There's no need to rush to throw away the pan, as you can solve this problem with a simple life hack, according to the Instagram account of the chef Kamana Bhaskaran.

Which life hack will help?

The life hack can be quite helpful, particularly for cast-iron and non-stick pans, where food tends to stick during cooking. However, it's not suitable for sweet dishes.

According to the culinary expert, she learned this method from her mother-in-law.

First, heat the pan and rub it with a sliced onion for about 30-40 seconds. The pan's heat activates the natural compounds in the onion, creating an anti-stick sulfide layer.

Salt method

To prevent food from sticking to the pan, it needs to be preheated with salt.

Start by degreasing the surface of the pan. You can simply wash the dish with a soft sponge and dish soap.

After this, place the pan on the stove and heat it. Then, onto the hot surface, add several tablespoons of salt. It's important to note that the spice should completely cover the inside of the pan. Reduce the heat and periodically stir the salt. About 10 minutes will suffice for the salt to be completely roasted.

After roasting, it's best to pour the salt into a container, take a paper towel, and thoroughly wipe the surface of the pan.

Then, pour a bit of sunflower oil and rub the pan with it using a clean paper towel. Afterward, place the cookware on the heat and let it warm up well. You can turn off the stove after 2-3 minutes and wipe the pan again with a paper towel to remove any excess oil.

After this process, the food won't stick anymore.

Previously, we mentioned that cooking on a cast-iron skillet is strictly prohibited.