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President of Serbia announced threat to country

President of Serbia announced threat to country President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić (photo: Getty Images)

On Tuesday evening, March 26, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić posted a message stating that difficult days are ahead for Serbia, and he announced challenges awaiting the country shortly, according to the president's Instagram.

According to the country's leader, difficult days are ahead for Serbia.

"It is hard to say what news we have received in the last 48 hours... They directly threaten the vital national interests of both Serbia and the Republic of Serbian," he wrote.

Vučić also announced that in the coming days, he will inform the people of Serbia about all the problems that lie ahead.

"It will be difficult. We will fight. Serbia will win," he added.

"На Сербію чекають важкі дні": Вучич повідомив про загрозу країні

Recently Vučić stated that Serbia could leave the Council of Europe. According to him, if Kosovo's application for membership is approved, it would mean Serbia's expulsion.

Furthermore, despite the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, Vučić rejected the possibility of recognizing Kosovo's independence. He has repeated this several times and assured that Serbia will not allow Kosovo to become a member of the UN or any UN-related organizations, institutions, or agencies, and will not consider any such proposal.