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President Biden surges ahead of Trump in key swing states - Poll shows

President Biden surges ahead of Trump in key swing states - Poll shows US President Joe Biden (Photo: Getty Images)

President Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in six out of seven key swing states, with at least two by significant margins, according to an opinion poll by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult.

The shift occurred after five months of Trump's mainly leading position and followed the president's State of the Nation address, which rallied Democrats and seemingly eased concerns about Biden's age.

The change was significant in Wisconsin, where Biden leads Trump by one point after trailing him by four points in February, and in Pennsylvania, where the candidates are tied after Trump led by six points last month. They also tied in Michigan.

Bloomberg notes that it is still too early to say whether Biden's ratings improvement is a one-time increase or the beginning of long-term changes in the election race. Biden continues to lag behind Trump in four of the most crucial states.

Biden's more optimistic figures come at a pivotal moment in the election campaign. Trump is currently experiencing a lack of funds for his campaign and is holding fewer rallies and events. At the same time, the incumbent president has stepped up his re-election campaign and is attacking swing states, including a trip to North Carolina.

The poll also shows that consumers have a better view of the national economy, while the number of voters in swing states who say it is on the right track gradually increases.

Important speech

The poll was conducted on March 8, the day after Biden delivered an energetic and unusually political speech to Congress. He referred to Trump only as "my predecessor" on issues such as foreign policy, abortion rights, border control, and gun control.

More than a third of voters said they recently saw positive news about Biden, the highest level since polling began in October.

This language may have helped overcome one of the biggest obstacles to Biden's election campaign: concerns about his age. About six in ten voters said that the candidates for vice president will be more important this year, as Biden will be 81 years old on Election Day, and Trump will be 78. This is seven points less than in the February survey, conducted shortly after the special prosecutor's report, which referred to Biden as an "elderly man with a poor memory."

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll surveyed 4,932 registered voters in seven states: 796 registered voters in Arizona, 788 in Georgia, 698 in Michigan, 447 in Nevada, 699 in North Carolina, 807 in Pennsylvania, and 697 in Wisconsin. The survey was conducted online starting March 8.

Presidential elections in the USA

The presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for November 5, 2024. According to forecasts, the main candidate from the Democrats will be the current American leader, Joe Biden.

In March, Joe Biden surpassed his competitor, Donald Trump, in the rating for the first time since August of last year.