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Powerful magnetic storm to hit Earth tomorrow

Powerful magnetic storm to hit Earth tomorrow Photo: Magnetic storm will hit Earth in next 24 hours (Collage by RBC-Ukraine)

A strong magnetic storm of the red level is expected to hit the Earth tomorrow, on Thursday, November 16. According to preliminary forecasts, this storm will reach a high K-index level of 7, report Meteoagent.

Here's what you need to know about this magnetic storm and how to mitigate its impact on the body.

What is a magnetic storm

Periodically, the Sun experiences bursts and flares that trigger releases of solar energy in various directions, including toward Earth.

Solar energy consists of charged particles (protons and electrons) that can move rapidly through space. When this energy interacts with the Earth's magnetosphere, it provokes activity known as magnetic or solar storms.

According to scientists, magnetic storms are categorized by classes and intensities, ranging from K-index 2 to K-index 9. The higher the K-index, the more powerful the magnetic storm and, consequently, its effects.

Storms with a K-index of 5 and above can cause discomfort in people, and disruptions to satellite operations, mobile communication, and GPRS. During solar storms with a K-index of 7-9, polar (northern) lights may occur.

Details about the upcoming storm

According to data from NOAA, TESIS satellite systems, and international meteorological laboratories worldwide, the geomagnetic conditions began to deteriorate on Wednesday, November 15, with the magnetic storm reaching a K-index of 4.

On November 16, a strong event is expected, and the magnetic storm will reach a K-index level of 7, corresponding to a red-level storm.

On November 17, the magnetic storm will subside, and the magnetosphere will stabilize. Scientists predict the next red-level storm on November 22.

Powerful magnetic storm to hit Earth tomorrowMagnetic storm 16 November (screenshot)

Impact of magnetic storm on humans

Several studies indicate a correlation between magnetic storms and poor well-being in individuals during such days. People commonly complain of headaches, weakness, and often seek medical help, especially from cardiologists.

Common complaints include:

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Migraines

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness

  • Sleep disturbances at night

  • General weakness

  • Rapid fatigue

  • Concentration disturbances

  • Increased anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Aggression

However, the greatest danger from magnetic storms is for astronauts outside the protective shield of the Earth's atmosphere. They are at risk of exposure to high levels of radiation, significantly increasing the likelihood of cancer.

How to minimize impact of magnetic storms on health

Medical professionals provide general recommendations for such situations:

  • Maintain a regular daily schedule

  • Get adequate sleep (at least 7-9 hours)

  • Eat a balanced diet and avoid spicy, harmful, and salty foods, as well as alcohol

  • Rest more and avoid physical and emotional overexertion

  • Take walks in fresh air, exercise, and ventilate indoor spaces

  • Herbal teas, fresh air, swimming, contrast showers, and relaxation can help alleviate symptoms

  • If necessary, individuals should seek medical attention

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