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Record-breaking $842 million Powerball jackpot won in Michigan

Record-breaking $842 million Powerball jackpot won in Michigan Photo: Record-breaking $842 million Powerball jackpot won in Michigan (GettyImages)

A single ticket sold in Michigan won the first Powerball jackpot of 2024, amounting to an estimated $842 million, making it the fifth-largest Powerball jackpot and the tenth-largest in U.S. lottery history. The ticket was purchased at the Food Castle in Grand Blanc, Michigan, according to ABC News.

The winning numbers for this Powerball drawing were 12, 21, 42, 44, and 49, with the Powerball number being 1 and the power play multiplier at 3x. This drawing ends a series of 34 consecutive draws without a jackpot winner.

Alongside the jackpot win in Michigan, other significant prizes were awarded, including two $2 million prizes for tickets in Florida and Texas and $1 million in California, Connecticut, Florida, and Maryland.

The cash value of the jackpot is estimated at $425.2 million.

Powerball lottery

The Powerball lottery, with tickets priced at $2 each, has a history of massive jackpots, including the largest-ever prize of $2.04 billion in November 2022.

The last major prize in 2023 was around $760 million, with the year's largest reaching $1.765 billion in California. The chances of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in over 292.2 million, reflecting the immense odds against securing such a large prize.

The Powerball is a major feature of the U.S. lottery landscape, with its massive jackpots often attracting widespread attention and participation.

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