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'Putin is a terrible dictator': Potential Dutch PM denies 'friendship' with Russian leader

'Putin is a terrible dictator': Potential Dutch PM denies 'friendship' with Russian leader Photo: Geert Wilders (Getty Images)

The leader of the Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, who may become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, has called the Kremlin's Vladimir Putin a dictator, reports Bloomberg.

Wilders won the elections on November 22 and called for the formation of a coalition that includes the National Socialist Movement, the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, previously led by Rutte, and a party supporting farmers.

The publication notes that Russian channels welcomed Wilders' success in the elections as a victory for Moscow, as he had praised Vladimir Putin before.

However, on Wednesday, Wilders tried to convince Dutch lawmakers that he is not a "friend of Russia" and considers the Russian Federation an aggressor.

"Putin is a terrible dictator," added Wilders.

Aid to Ukraine may be reduced

At the same time, Wilders stated that military support should not be provided to Ukraine until they can defend their own country.

“We believe we shouldn’t give military support to Ukraine while we are unable to defend our own country,” explained Wilders.

It is noted that the right-centrist New Social Contract and the Farmers and Citizens Movement, two potential partners in the coalition, also expressed doubts about Ukraine's membership in the European Union and additional financial support for Kyiv.

Elections in the Netherlands

Recall that parliamentary elections were held in the Netherlands at the end of November. According to the results, the far-right Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders won the most seats in parliament. He opposes migration and wants to stop providing military aid to Ukraine.

However, other parties, including the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, do not want to form a coalition with the Party for Freedom.

Expert Volodymyr Fesenko, in a comment to RBC-Ukraine, explained that in light of these election results, the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine from the Netherlands may be under threat.

You can learn more about the elections in the Netherlands in the material by RBC-Ukraine.