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Port on Tysa River may be build in Zakarpattia

Port on Tysa River may be build in Zakarpattia Photo: A port on the Tysa River may appear in Zakarpattia (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Administration of River Ports state enterprise appealed to the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration with a request to allocate a plot of land on the banks of the Tysa for the construction of a river port with a multimodal terminal, according to the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration.

the river port and the multimodal terminal will be the first facilities of this type within Transcarpathia. Thanks to it, it is possible to organize international transportation on the Tisza with access to larger navigable rivers.

Currently, the local authorities of Transcarpathia are studying the documentary base, and problematic issues, and communicating with all interested structures to develop a strategy for the fastest implementation of the project.

Prospects for the implementation of this project were discussed during the meeting together with specialists of specialized departments of the regional military administration, BUVR Tysya, and border guards.

Tysa River

The Tysa River is one of the largest rivers in Ukraine and Europe. Its length is about 965 kilometers. The river originates in the headwaters of the Carpathians, on the southern slope of Mount Pip Ivan (2028 meters) in the Ivano-Frankivsk region on the territory of Ukraine. Tysa then flows through Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

The Tysa River flows into the Danube River in the territory of Serbia, which is an important point for the formation of water resources and the hydrological regime of this region of Central Europe.

It was previously reported that a dry port will appear in the village of Horonda in Zakarpattia, which will help Ukraine export agricultural products.